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Peer Training

Core and Advanced training workshops for Peer Helper Practitioners offered by the Student Counselling, Career and Development Centre (SCCDC)


The SCCDC has been offering core and advanced training for peer help practitioners since 1995. The training is based on the model of the Canadian-based Peer Resources Network, a leading authority on peer programme development. It includes a train-the-trainer system where participants interact with one another as peers – and as facilitators - in a series of trainings session that focus on communication and helping skills (core training) and on advanced people-helping and service delivery skills (advanced training). The purpose of this model is to assist participants to become acquainted and increasingly skilled with regard to well-researched and empirically tested peer helper training curricula and methodologies.

Please refer to the menu for more information on the train-the-trainer workshops in core communication and people helping skills, and the advanced training workshops in additional people helping and service delivery skills.  The latter ‘advanced training workshops’ are aimed at implementing and further refining the basic communication and helping skills acquired by peer helpers in their core training.


  • The diversity workshop aims at enabling peer helpers to interact successfully with diverse groups, assisting them to embrace the concept of diversity in a positive way, and providing them with the means of facilitating their own training workshops aimed at addressing diversity.
  • The academic skills workshop has been designed to assist peer helper trainers in building capacity in the student body in the field of academic support and learning development through the interventions of peer helpers. This was achieved by enabling peer helper trainers to facilitate the broadening of peer helpers' understanding of academic problems and the enhancement of their own academic skills. The workshop focused on the application of knowledge and insights about learning styles to the academic skill development of peer helpers and on the application of a creative approach to transfer academic skills from peer helpers to their peer groups.
  • The aim of the career guidance workshop is to equip peer helpers with the relevant knowledge and skills to assist enrolled and prospective students in activities related to career choice, job search and employability.
  • The purpose of the peer wellness mentoring workshop is to acquaint peer helper trainers with a peer wellness mentoring curriculum and the methodologies related to teaching peer helpers how to achieve personal lifestyle change and how to provide effective peer support to others who wish to achieve successful lifestyle change. Trainees were provided with opportunities to explore the benefits of a wellness philosophy and lifestyle; learn about the process of lifestyle change and explore its relevance for their own efforts to change and learn about identifying and creating supportive physical and cultural environments.


Contact information
Ms Sharon Graham
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 27 41 5043854

Mrs Marina de Jager
Senior Student Counsellor; Peer Help Core Competence Co-ordinator
Tel: 27 41 504 3854